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These files are best viewed with the latest versions of any modern browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Camino, Safari, Netscape). Because this site uses CSS and JavaScript, the DataArc site does not work well with older browser versions that do not support CSS and JavaScript.

To access these databases your computer must have the following settings:

Turn Cache Off
Cache is a function that stores web pages on your local hard drive for quick and easy access.  If the Cache function is turned on users frequently complain that once they enter the system the pages they are viewing are a previous users pages.

Open Internet Explorer from the Menu Bar click on the Tools option.  From the drop down menu click on Internet Options.  You will then need to click on the tab titled General and under the section Temporary Internet Files click on the Settings button.  Under Check for newer versions of stored pages click the radio button next to Every visit to the page.  Then click Ok and Ok again.

NOTE:  If you are experiencing problems submitting information to the database, please check to see which browser you are using.  Both AOLĂ­s built-in browser and Netscape Navigator 6 sometimes do not handle submissions to databases correctly.  We recommend that you use the latest current version of your browser. Current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari, and Camino should work.

PDA, Pocket PC, and Palm Devices

The only device requirement for using the Pocket RC software is that the device has WM2005, or Windows 2003 CE, or Windows 2002 CE Operating Systems.

There are a number of Pocket PCs on the Market. HP www.hpshopping.com has compatible Pocket PC devices.

Palm devices and other PDAs that use the Palm OS are not supported at this time.  Palm devices that use WM OS should work.  Dell no longer sells PDAs but if the Dell PDA does use WM OS, it should work.

WIFI will allow you to upload the data to the database without having to put the device in the cradle; however WIFI only works when you are within the rage of a WIFI base station. Also some WIFI base stations will work only with authorized devices. So for instance, at UTMB students and faculty can use WIFI equiped devices. But off campus it will not work because the PPC is out of range of the base station. The vast majority of hospitals will not be offerring WIFI service. Most of our users would not have WIFI access except for potentially within campus. The other confounding issue is that regardless of WIFI is that you still have to regularly place the device in the cradle to charge the battery, so you might as well upload your files at the same time, which in essence negates the need for WIFI

Macintosh Users
We've tested a Dell Axim X3 with Pocket Mac's PocketMac® Lite software ($15) and they allow Macintosh computers (see Pocket Mac requirements) to interact with the DataArc site. In theory, any of the PDA devices supported by Pocket Mac should work, however, we make no assertion that any device will connect to the DataArc site with this software.

PDA Error Messages
In order to use the PDA device your program MUST have students, faculty clinicians or clinical instructors, clinical sites, and clinical areas entered into the database.  If one of these is missing, you will get an error message or the PDA system will not work properly.

Another source of errors are local firewalls that prevent the PDA from communicating with the DataArc site.  Firewalls are commonly used at instutions, including hospitals, clinical sites, and educational institutions.  This generates a 10054 Communication Error.  If this happens it is almost always NOT a DataArc problem.  An easy way to test this is to use another unconnected site (for example, try logging in from home instead of the campus).  If you can log in from the alternate site, you know that the problem is a firewall at the original site.  You need to talk to your local IT personnel and have them open the proper port in their firewall.