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About the Clinical Competencies
We like the clinical proficiencies because they are tied (referenced) to the Clinical Practice Guidelines - this facilitates the students actually following the steps outlined by the CPG's.
Kathy Jones-Boggs Rye, MEd, RRT
DCE - Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

About Clinical Tracking & Remote Access
The DataArc system organizes all competencies, accreditation surveys, and attendance, etc.; allows access by all faculty from any location to monitor student progress and attendance.
Louis Sinopoli, EdD, RRT
PD - El Camino CC

About Survey Response Rates
When we used the system our rate of return on the CoARC Surveys went up dramatically; the process is so much easier. Graduate survey returns improved from 56% return via mail to 70% return utilizing DataArc.
John Hiser, MEd, RRT
PD - Tarrant County CC