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Business Information:
DataArc, LLC
2951 Marina Bay Dr. 130-355
League City, TX 77573

Email:  info@dataarc.ws
Toll Free:  (866) 328-2552
Fax:  (281) 538-8972

DataArc is a Biomedical Education Database Service Provider that was founded in September of 2000 as a startup company of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.  Three faculty members from the School of Allied Health Sciences developed the database-tracking concept as an educational application for tracking students clinical activities at both local and remote clinical sites.

Currently, database-tracking applications have been developed for:
Time Clock tracks students time during laboratory, clinical or training rotations.  The time clock is password protected for each student and can be programmed to identify the computer being used to enter data.

Tracking Daily Procedures Database program is capable of tracking students observation and performance of profession specific procedures.  Students can enter the database to record activities performed on a given day or shift.  This helps ensure that the student learns procedures in a linear fashion by first observing procedures, performing procedures under supervision, and finally performing the procedure for competency evaluation.  Instructors can validate the information at the time of submission or at a later time by using the search criteria.  Instructors can track student activities for any time interval identified in the search criteria (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, by semester or quarter).  In addition summative reports can be generated and used for evaluation or printed out by the student for use in a graduate portfolio.

Competency Evaluations are evaluations of profession specific procedures.  The system includes automated evaluation forms for each of the procedures that the student is required to master.  Instructors can track student progress in completing competencies as they progress through the professional program.  Search options allow reports specific to individual students for a variety of time intervals.  As with Daily Procedures summative competency reports can be generated and used for evaluation or printed out by the student for use in a graduate portfolio.

Automated Survey System that allows data input through the Internet and both data retrieval and statistical reports from the same Internet site.  Participants are provided with the URL, log in, and password that gives them access to the surveys.  Faculty can use the reporting function to provide automated data reports and statistical analysis.  The system also sorts and collates the typed comments in an easy to analyze format.  Back to the top.

Security & Backup
DataArc services are available through the Internet on a 24-hour basis.  All data systems are backed up daily by our ISP.  In addition, DataArc provides a redundant remote backup weekly on DataArc's development servers.  Additional weekly backups are burned onto DVDs that are held in multiple locations.  The database employs the same Encrypted Algorithms for Security Protection as used by large industrial companies.  Back to the top.

To Contact Us:
Stephen P. Fracek, Jr., PhD, FAAAS Marilyn R. Childers, MEd
Partner Partner
Technical Programming User Training and Ordering
sfracek@dataarc.ws mchilder@dataarc.ws
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